Doctoral Degree Admission

The selection process for admission to the Postgraduate Program in Translational Medicine takes place in a continuous flow, that is, at any time of the year, supervisors can indicate their students for admission.

The Program only makes calls for the selection process when scholarships are offered.

The selection committee is made up of the Program coordinator and vice-coordinator.

1. Probationary Period

The candidate must contact the supervisor who have lines of research of interest to obtain the acceptance of any of them, from then on the research project must be developed and the probationary period must be carried out.

The list of the Program's supervisor and their lines of research can be consulted on the page

2. Selection Process

After the probationary period, the supervisor must formalize the nomination of the candidate for the selection process by sending an email to the Program Secretariat with the candidate's information.

To participate in the selection process, the candidate needs to have an updated lattes curriculum, the research project ready and the CEP / CEUA approval opinion or at least the proof of sending the project to CEP / CEUA.

The selection process consists of analyzing the lattes curriculum, interview with the coordination and a test consisting of reading and understanding a scientific article in English and writing a summary in Portuguese about that article.

3. Registration
After approval in the selection process, the student must follow the guidelines of the Program Secretary to register.

Documents required for registration:
3.1. Registration Form (printed on the website)
3.2. 02 (two) 3x4 color photos and recent
3.3. Birth or Marriage Certificate
3.4. CPF
3.5. RG
3.6. Military Certificate
3.7. Elector's Title
3.8. Initial sheets of the Curriculum Lattes (Identification and Schooling)
3.9. Undergraduation diploma
3.10. Undergraduation transcripts
3.11. Certificate of Medical Residency (for medical doctors)
3.12. Master's degree
3.13. Master's degree transcripsts

Copies of all double-sided documents.
The Registration Form must have the original signatures of the student and the supervisor.

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